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The Abruzzo has only one 'b', but the Abruzzese should have two. The sentence 'Abruzzo strong and gentle' is certainly plain truth: matter of fact if we consider the land configuration of this region

we find a 'gentle' sea and, inland, a 'strong' mountain with hills in between.

The 'Abbruzzesi' are strong-willed, a bit obscure, fatalist just like the people of the Mexican Pueblos; but they are also kind, or at least obliging. The Abruzzese makes the guest feels at ease, he pampers him, cares for him but he demands respect.

Therefore the Abruzzo is a central region but with a southern heart, an ancient land of warriors of pagan religiousness and fiercely anti-roman. Dotted by castles pierced on the mountains, kingdom of the Bourbons and of the bandits up to the fortress of Civitella, prison of the noble Gualtieri and northern boundary, marked by the river Tronto, with the Papal States.

On the coast are still on display the Spanish towers, watching for the Saracen fleet, very nice the ones of Martinsicuro, Alba Adriatica, Giulianova and Cerrano, from the harbour of Cerrano Ponzio Pilato embarked on his way to Judea. A long strip of villages and hamlets along the coastline that we could consider just like a single town, 'Adriatica', grown along the National Route SS16.

From all the coastal villages the Autostrada is easy to reach and the railway runs just parallel SS16.

Along the SS16 on one side tall and low houses alternates as in a binary system, while, on the other side, hills and rugged mountains rise over; the mountains of the Flowers, the peaks of Maiella, and the range of Gran Sasso (the 'sleeping beauty' seen from Pescara' s side and the 'sleeping giant' seen by Teramo' s side).

But the directions are not given by the roads or by the Autostrada, they are shown by the sea and by the mountain that wrap up the all and what we perceive is a 'broken' flow, above, aside, everywhere among olive trees, pines, palms, ginestre and oleanders.





The Abruzzo is a region  exceptionally gifted for bicycle tourism. Its various territory offers the rare opportunity to pass from the coast to the highest peak of the Appennini in a single day ride. The widespread distribution of back roads allows riding away from traffic in a vast unspoiled environment of unblemished beauty. Most of our small towns can easily compete, for position and beauty, with some of the more advertised towns of Umbria and Tuscany.

Thanks to our tour proposals, that filled a gap in the local touristic offers, groups of cyclists, coming from Europe but also from United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa, have discovered our Region, appreciating its landscapes, cuisine and hospitality. And that it' s been accomplished always respecting the environment in an absolutely eco-sustainable tourism.




- walking tours, road and mountain bike tours;

- technical gear and assistance, itineraries with expert guides for various skills: from families to advanced;

- custom trips, guided tours of one or more days for biking groups;

- organisation and collaboration for travelling vacations from accommodations to bike itineraries;

- tour price includes insurance, technical and mechanical assistance, support vehicle, snacks and beverages during the ride, first help and cue sheets.


We also offer:

- good level mountain and racing bikes for rent, also on the internet: www.bicianolo.it/noleggio/info.html

- tours beginning from the same hotel chosen by the client also with bikes delivered on the premises.





Associazione Sportiva Abcycle, founded in 1999 to promote cycletourism in the Region of the Parks: www.abcycle.org





A few samples of our bike rides:



Entirely paved roads, one day ride for advanced cyclists, multi-days for beginners.

Easy to follow just watching the road signs.

Route: Anversa, Gole del Sagittario, Lago di Scanno, Scanno, Passo Godi, Villetta Barrea, Pescasseroli, Bisegna, Ortona dei Marsi, Valico Olmo di Bobbio, Cocullo, Anversa.

Lenght: 108 km

Elevation gain: 1700 mts

Difficulty: difficult (for mileage and long climbs but never over 7% grade)

Park’s Touristic infos: Pescasseroli Park Office tel 0863 9113242 -  www.parcoabruzzo.it




Paved and unpaved roads starting from the Adriatic coast and following the Salino River valley with short sections of demanding climbs and descends.

Route: in the territory of Alba Adriatica, Tortoreto, Giulianova, S. Omero, Campli.

Lenght: 60 km

Elevation Gain: 800 mts

Difficulty: a few short but difficult sections with grade up to 14%



THE WINE ROUTE (road bike)

All paved roads rolling among the Teramoan hills and the Vibrata River valley.

Route: Alba Adriatica, Giulianova, Civitella del Tronto, Controguerra, Torano, Alba Adriatica

Lenght: 120 km

Elevation Gain: 1200 mts

Difficulty: difficult (for mileage and long climbs but never over 7% grade)




Start: Alba Adriatica

End: Lake of Campotosto (1300 mts above sea level)

Lenght: 110 km

Difficulty: only for intermediate or advanced cyclists

We follow the coastline to Roseto then we turn inland along the Vomano River valley. A long, constant climb (grade from 3 to 5%) in the spectacular river canyons with ancient villages pierced upon high rocks. We summit in the open pastures of Valico Capannelle and conclude the ride along the shores of Lake of Campotosto with striking views of the Gran Sasso and Laga mountains.

At the arrival lunch in a typical restaurant on the shores. Van transfer back to the hotel.


The guided tours and the proposed itinerary can be adapted (for difficulty and mileage) to the skills of the participants. The samples above are purely an indication and they will be discussed with the participants to define the desired courses and services and the individual cost depending also on the numbers of participants.






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